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Dokay Fleet Leasing started to provide services in daily and operational fleet leasing sector in 2005. Dokay Fleet Leasing, which made a quick and strong entrance to the sector in the first year of its incorporation, has been growing in a sustainable and profitable way with its fleet of more than 4000 vehicles.

We, as Dokay Rent A Car, are offering services to our customers in the triangle of quality, trust and affordable price by constantly expanding our fleet consisted of several brands and models.

We are ambitious in the daily rent a car sector as we are in the operational fleet leasing with our sustainable growth spirit focused on customer satisfaction.

Dokay Rent A Car has become the address of the credibility within the last 12 years that it has been operating. It has established the same credibility through the whole value chain, from its employees to its customers with the “We will do it as promised” philosophy. It has stood out in the sector thanks to its employees who have made customers’ needs their needs during the renting process.

Dokay Rent A Car, that has succeeded to gather the most affordable prices and the best quality services, is aiming to become one of the leader daily rent a car companies in Turkey in a short period of time.
Dokay Rent A Car is among the first 500 companies in Turkey with its sustainable and profitable growth in all sectors that it operates in cooperation with its partners.