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Our Values

We honor our commitments.

Our first responsibility towards our customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders and all other partners is to honor our commitments. 

Customer Satisfaction is our priority.

We are consciousness of our responsibilities in all business process flow and we offer practical solutions to assure customer satisfaction.

We are the different parts of one body.

We believe that the key to the future success of our brand is to invest in human resources. We offer the most appropriate working conditions to our stuff by approaching our employee relations in a managerial structure. We make all kinds of sacrifices to make our employees happy, to make them do their job with joy and reflect their skills to their performances.

We take our strength from Anatolian Culture.

We reflect the culture of love and respect coming from Anatolia to all our business process. We believe that it is important to internalise the “One who does not give love to our children and who does not show respect to our elders is not one of us” philosophy in order to give a meaning to the values we create. We have made the cultural understanding of Anatolia that values hospitality, tolerance, peace and humanity our priority.

We work side by side.
We are strong together.
We are happy together.
We support each other on good days and bad days.
We believe in “Two heads are better than one” philosophy.

We create innovative projects.

We implement innovative projects that will create added value in all levels of our business, from our products and services to our marketing process. When it comes to being innovative, we do not limit ourselves to research, development and analysis activities but we also benefit from our customers, suppliers and opinion leaders to create innovative solutions.

We offer practical solutions.

We think of our workplace as a whole. We support our stuff from different levels to be included in the decision making process and develop our business. We embrace all ideas and suggestions without any discrimination and we collectively develop solutions.

Our reputation is everything to us.

Our most valuable asset is our corporate reputation. We care about the perception of our social partners regarding our brand and we abstain from any kind of behaviour that may harm our reputation.

We believe in transparency.

We make and implement our decisions based on our company rules and regulations. We ensure that our partners affected by our activities have access to information and we manage our company with the principle of transparency.

We are corporate citizen.

We do not support only our business but also social development as a part of the community that we live in. Our biggest value is to spend what our partners make us gain for them again.

We care about next generations.

We believe that everyone has the right to live in a healthy and stable environment. Safeguarding the environment and prevent it to become polluted is our main mission together with our employees. This is why it is essential for us to protect the nature in order to leave a better liveable earth to next generations.